Strong Project Manager with LSRP License

Our client, an ENR Top 50 firm, was looking for a very strong Project Manager with an LSRP license for their New Jersey office. Our client has a huge back log of work due to their strong relationships with a multitude of fortune 100 and fortune 500 clients. The person they were looking for would be working on high visibility and complex projects, and they needed someone who was really good at working on multiple projects at once that had an understanding of the New Jersey technical regulations. The candidate we found was looking for a company that had a stronger environmental practice then their previous company, and was blown away by our clients work nationally and internationally. The candidate really loved the opportunity, and our client was excited to welcome them on board.

Right Match at Just the Right Time

We have a client that was having a hard time finding their next key person in their New Hampshire office, but after hiring us to help with the search, the position was filled in only three weeks’ time. Our client was looking for someone with field experience that was getting involved in Task Management to be on track for a Project Manager role further down the line. We found an individual from a direct competitor who skill set and experience lined up perfectly, and our candidate was enthusiastic that our client was giving him an opportunity to move up. We made the match at just the right time because our client is currently having one of their best years yet and have the hands they need to get the work done, and the candidate couldn’t be happier in the position he’s now currently in.

Employee Focused Boutique Firm

We have a client that is a 200 person boutique firm that is extremely employee focused that was looking for a Vice President to be a Senior Business Leader for their Baltimore office. The right person for this opportunity would be able to head up the office and spear head diversification of existing client relationships and expand the market visibility in the Greater Baltimore Area. We were able to find a person who was a Vice President and Regional Manager at their old company, which was an ENR top 200 firm, and not only that, our candidate also owned his own company before that. Our candidate wanted to go back to working for a company, and clicked with our client right away. The candidate wanted to make a difference, and get into an ownership track, and that was exactly what our client was able to offer.

New Jersey Environmental Consulting Firm

Our client, a thirty person company, based in New Jersey, that is very streamlined and is purely an environmental consulting firm, needed a solid LSRP to mentor staff and manage projects for them. This position was looking for someone on an ownership track that could handle the senior responsibilities involved in the work. We found an individual that really clicked with our client. The candidate wanted to be in a company that was focused on cutting edge technology in the environmental world, and from the moment he interviewed with our client, he absolutely fell in love. Our client has been extremely happy with the match as well ever since.

Co-Director for a Growing Office

We have an outstanding client that has quadrupled in size since we started working with them that was looking for a co-director for their Indianapolis office. Our client needed someone with a good understanding of technical issues, but also a strong big picture sense in terms of developing business. The right candidate would be someone experienced in managing staff and helping grow business and build strong client relationships. We found an individual who was absolutely stoked with the environment and support our client had to offer and was only five minutes from their firm. We had filled the position within six weeks of being asked to do the professional search, and both the candidate and client were very appreciative of the match, and it has been a great situation ever since.

Spear Head a Brand New Division

Our client, a well-established, 20 year firm that is headquartered in Connecticut, was looking for an individual to spear head their brand new environmental division. Before this position was filled, our client was outsourcing their environmental work to other firms, and wanted to start operating in house. We found an individual, who was an LEP, and had owned his own company before, and had leadership roles in two other firms as well. Our candidate wanted a situation where he could be in a leadership role but could help build within that setting still, and found just that stepping into our clients firm, and it has been a great match since.

Second in Command Mentor

We had a client that was a multi-disciplinary consulting type firm that was a 3,000 person company looking for their next key Project Manager. The position was located in Mississippi, and they were looking for a strong second in command that could work well in assessment and site investigations and remediation projects. The company was having a tough time finding individual who understood project, staff, and client management, and was looking for someone who loved to mentor junior staff. Our candidate was working at her company for over 15 years, and the culture there was changing, and she needed new challenges in her career. When we reached out to her, she was intrigued by our client’s firm, and our client was extremely aggressive to take her on board. It has been a fantastic match ever since.

Independent Task Manager

We had a $9-10 million client looking for a bright, up and coming Task Manager. The right candidate for this position, as our client told us, would be a Geologist or Environmental Scientist type of individual. They were looking for someone who could support themselves independently, but also work in a tight knit group underneath the Project Manager. Our candidate was primarily looking for something close to home and wanted to be in a better situation since their previous company was beginning to struggle financially. This turned out to be a perfect fit for both parties, and we filled this job in one month from time we were given the job order to the time that our candidate put his foot in the door with their firm.

Strong Senior Staff

RSG was recently successful in helping one of our clients find their next key member of Senior Staff for their Pennsylvania office. The right person for the position needed to be a strong Environmental Project Manager, as well as also being a qualified Senior Level Environmental Scientist. RSG found exactly the person our client was looking for, and our candidate was excited to step into a firm that has a successful 40 year track record in the industry along the east coast.

Opening New Doors

RSG was excited to help one of our newer clients in assisting them in finding the right mid-level Environmental Consultant step into their New Jersey location.Our client asked us to find a Task Manager; specifically an Environmental Scientist would be just the right fit. We found just the guy our client was looking for, and the candidate was excited about the opportunity, because it opened new doors for his career. It’s been a great fit ever since.

Bright Out-of-the-Box Thinker

RSG was recently successful in helping one of our long term clients in finding the next key member of their staff. Our client needed a bright and out-of-the-box type thinker to direct special projects for their office. We found just the right fit for our client, a qualified consultant who had experience as a Managing Director and Senior Project Manager, and he fit right in stepping into the firm. It was a great match for both our candidate’s wants as well as the client’s needs.

ENR Top 100 Client

RSG was successful in helping an ENR Top 100 client that was looking for a bright individual to be an up and coming Geologist or Hydrogeologist for their firm.The firm was having a challenging time finding an experienced candidate, who had a strong background with project management and was also successful with client interaction.  But, when RSG found a candidate who would be a good match, the candidate saw that the position would benefit them personally as well, since our candidate was seeking more service opportunities in their career, which our client was able to offer them.  Overall, it was a great match on both ends.

Strong Leader & Mentor

A large international company recently asked RSG to find someone to take a leadership role within their New Jersey office.The right candidate for the position was someone who would take strong leadership that would become a mentor and leader to the staff, as well as solid background with working with clients.  The candidate we found was a proper fit wanted a firm that was employee focused and wanted to challenge themselves with more advanced projects, and they found what they were looking for at our client’s firm.

"Go-To" Engineer

RSG was successful with working with one of our long-term clients that we have watched almost double in size in the past five years alone.The firm asked us to find an engineer who would be a “go-to” person for their remedial engineering practice.  The position was for a Senior Level Engineer, for someone who would be well versed with remedial technologies.  After a thorough search, RSG found a candidate who was looking for a position where they could lead and mentor staff in a company that was on the rise, and it turned out the candidate was a great match for our client.

ENR Top 50 Firm

RSG was recently successful in helping an ENR Top 50 firm find a successful candidate with broad service offerings. The person that would be the right fit for this position would be a hands-on Project Manager with additional program management experience.The candidate moved into the firm comfortably, and took charge of a strong, up and coming group.

Manage & Mentor

A well respected New York City firm recently requested that RSG look for a candidate they could bring on board to manage and mentor their staff. The right candidate would have strong, loyal, and long term clients following them.The candidate we found that was a proper fit was looking for a firm that was employee focused, and comfortably fit right into the position.

Fast Tracked Project Manager

RSG received a request from a well-respected mid-sized firm, with offices nationally, to look for an individual to be their newest Project Manager.The individual would then be fast tracked into more of a Program Manager type of work after coming on board.  The candidate we found to be a successful match was looking to take on more challenging projects on site investigation and remediation type work, and it was mutually a great fit.

Site Assessment & Remediation PM

One of our clients, being a well-respected Mid-Atlantic firm with an excellent reputation, asked RSG to find a new, bright Project Manager for their team.The projects the firm was focusing on were on Site Assessment and Remediation work, and we found a candidate who was great match, who was also looking for a firm to stretch themselves technically, and find their full potential as a manger as well.

ENR Top 25 Client

RSG was successful in helping an ENR Top 25 client of ours find a strong mid-level geologist for their Mid-Atlantic office.The client was looking for someone who not only had a strong skill set, but also someone who would be a good fit in their company structure.  Our candidate was looking to join a company that was able to offer the diversity in project experience they were looking for.

Tap Into Our Network

Brand new client to RSG was having a difficult time searching for a senior level engineer with strong remediation design experience.After tapping into our network, we were able to quickly identify an individual that was not just a fit for the position, but also proved to be a valuable resource for several different business units.  The candidate was looking to be a part of a company that was progressive and offered a broad range of services.  Both parties are extremely happy and excited about the future.

Technically Diverse Skill-Set

RSG just recently helped a client that has almost tripled in size over the past 5 years find a bright up and coming environmental scientist for their environmental services division.The client was looking for someone with a technically diverse skill-set, but also equally capable of going out in the field, as well as acting as a project manager.  Our candidate was stuck at their current company, and absolutely fell in love with our client after the first meeting.

Technical & Cultural Fit

Our client, an ENR Top 100 firm called RSG to help them find a Project Manager for their Site Investigation/Remediation Practice. The client needed someone who was very strong technically, but also carried certain technical credentials. We were able to identify an individual who not only had the experience the client was looking for, but was an absolutely perfect fit culture wise.

New to the Acoustics Practice

RSG recently helped a top NYC firm with a position in there Acoustics Practice. With no experience or contacts in that particular business sector, RSG was able to put together a plan of action to identify the top players in that market. In the end we were able to find a local individual from a direct competitor, and both the client and candidate are extremely happy about the future.

Niche Vice President

RSG recently placed a Vice President with a very niche oriented environmental services provider. Our client, whose technology is focused towards environmental remediation applications, was looking for an individual with a very strong focus on various remedial technologies, but one who was also comfortable with writing and presenting papers. We were able to identify a PhD level individual, with the strong technical requirements they were seeking, but one who also had a strong business background to help the company reach there next year’s goals as well.

End of a Long Search

A new client had contacted RSG to help them with a position that they had been looking to fill for almost 8 months. This privately held firm with over 15 offices nationwide was looking for a strong #2 person for their Mid-Atlantic office. In a span of 5 weeks we presented 4 candidates for them to interview. The client said all the candidates were qualified, and they hired the candidate that was the best fit for their needs.

Strong Permitting Experience

RSG just helped an ENR Top 40 firm that was looking for a Senior Level Air Quality Consultant for their Northern New England office. We were asked to find them an individual with strong permitting experience, but who also had a successful track record with business development as well. We identified a Senior Level Engineer/Manager who was looking to make a move to a top tier firm with broad resources, and the candidate just thought it was an absolutely perfect opportunity for him.

Grow & Develop a New Practice

Our client, an ENR Top 150 firm and Midwestern based company, was looking for an individual to head up and grow their environmental division in their Philadelphia office. We found an individual who was a Senior Manager with a top international environmental and engineering firm that was looking for an opportunity to be in a leadership role with ownership potential, and to be part of a senior management team. The company didn’t necessarily have an environmental presence in Philadelphia, so the individual has an opportunity to develop a practice in his own eyes, and is very excited about the future. It has been a great match for both our client and the candidate alike ever since.

Opportunity to Build Their Vision

We have a client that is an ENR Top 150 firm where we had placed the COO. They were looking for individual to head up their emerging power sector market. We found an individual who came from an ENR Top 20 firm and was looking for an opportunity to lead a North American practice, and wanted an opportunity to build with their vision. Our candidate has already hit the ground running and is already progressing and finding success in his new environment with the support our client has provided. It has been an excellent match thus far.

Regional Vice President

Our client, an ENR Top 50 firm recently asked us for help on finding a Regional Vice President for their East Coast region. We have had a long term relationship with this company, seeing we had placed the COO into this organization. The reason for this position was due to the fact that the existing Regional Vice President was promoted into National Director Role. We located individual who was a Senior Vice President with an ENR Top 15 company. The company was looking for someone who had strong leadership skills, could build a team, was externally client focused and could develop programs to enhance employee engagement. The candidate was looking for a company that had a strong management structure in place, which our client absolutely did, due to some of our assistance as well. From the very first meeting between the candidate and hiring authorities, it was pretty much a perfect fit, and both parties couldn’t be happier since.

Well-Known Boutique Firm

We have a client who is a well-known boutique firm located in the Greater Indianapolis Area that we have had a relationship with for over 15 years. We dealt directly with the company’s President, COO, and CEO on this search. They were looking for an individual to come into a senior management role initially, but move into an operations focused role later on. Our client needed someone who was well-established in Indiana with strong relationships to step in and be able to hit the ground running. We presented a number of candidates for this position, and ultimately found an individual who lived in same city as to where our client was located. Our candidate is in a position now that is essentially his dream job. The company is continually thankful for us finding this individual and we look forward to continue our long-term partnership with them.

Change in Ownership

This well-established New Jersey based company, that has undergone new ownership, had asked for our help in finding a senior level individual who had a strong project management background in site investigation and remedial related projects. The President of the company is an individual we’ve known and had strong relationship for over fifteen years. The position was unadvertised, and they were looking for someone who could bring immediate value, and be able to step in with their new role. Our client had looked on their own for this individual, and interviewed several people with no luck, but upon hiring us, we had helped them fill this role in under a month. The position has been like a breath of fresh air for the candidate, and he’s really excited about his future. The company is really poised to grow and expand within mid-Atlantic region after making the hire.

High Visibility, Second in Command

We have a client that is an ENR Top 50 firm with a well-established Chicagoland area office that was looking for a senior level, technical, high visibility second in command for their environmental practice. Our client was looking for someone who didn’t just have a strong technical focus but also proven track record with working with clients, building relationships and keeping them happy. We found a person approximately ten minutes from their office, and the individual was with a well-known international boutique firm and was looking for an opportunity with a company that had strong Midwest regional presence, but also a national focus. Our client company was very particular, and interviewed about ten people through us for this position, and hired this individual we identified. In the end, the match worked out very well for both sides.