The Best Piece of Professional Advice I Ever Received


Real-world career advice holds tremendous value, no matter who it is coming from. There is no teacher like that of experience.

As firm believers in constant learning from the people around us, we asked our staff what the best piece of professional advice they ever received was. The answers include great tips for your career and maybe even real life, too.

“Always look for ways to improve.” Tiffany Schifley, Operations Manager

“If you notice something wrong with your work or if you’ve made a mistake, take a deep breath and try to solve the problem. Come up with 2 to 3 solutions to fix it before bringing it to the attention of others.”

“Be present.” Sean Rigsby, Managing Partner and Senior Executive Recruiter

“My old boss used to say ‘When you’re here, be here; when you’re not, don’t be here.’ It’s advice that has stuck with me and I’ve always tried to follow throughout my 20 + year career.”

“Be kind.” Michael Kaufman, Environmental Recruiter

“Treat everyone with kindness, and always be professional first. It can a long way.”

“Go beyond your comfort zone.” Sarah Wheeler, Head of Marketing and Research

“At the edge of your comfort zone is where you’ll find success. Never be afraid to be wrong, and never be afraid to step outside the box. You’ll never regret it.”

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