Mahmoud Hassan

[email protected]

Mahmoud Hassan is an environmental recruiter at Rigsby Search Group LLC. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Southern Connecticut State University, Mahmoud brings a distinctive blend of scientific expertise and entrepreneurial drive to the world of recruitment.

His entrepreneurial journey is a testament to his unique skill set. Mahmoud co-owned and managed Car Flipz, where he sourced and curated a fleet of used cars. He then transitioned to co-own and manage Alriun LLC, a real estate company, demonstrating his proficiency in property management and lease negotiations.

Mahmoud’s entrepreneurial spirit also extends to the fashion industry, where he co-founded and managed both Flago LLC, a thriving streetwear brand, and Tundrik LLC, a successful snowboarding brand. His knack for innovation and marketing prowess set these ventures apart.

In the recruitment field, Mahmoud leverages his industry insights and entrepreneurial acumen to excel. He’s not just a recruiter; he’s your partner for sustainable talent solutions. Whether you’re a candidate ready to advance your career or a client in search of the ideal team member, Mahmoud Hassan is here to connect you with success.