Tried & True Daily Habits to Get on the Path to Success


In some way, shape or form, our daily lives are all a part of our path to success, no matter what that is defined as. Whether it be to meet a sales goal or to start a business, to buy a house or to travel the world, it’s human nature to set goals and want to achieve them.

Society today drives us harder than ever before. In our constantly connected world, it can be even more difficult to find the focus to achieve our goals. It takes discipline, passion, commitment and a burning desire to succeed.

If your view of success is anything like ours, these five tried and true daily habits will help you to stay on the path to reaching your goals.

Plan your day.

Take five minutes at the end of the day to create an action plan for tomorrow. Start by making two lists: one of your high priority projects and another of your meetings and other commitments. Next, combine the two to create a schedule. Sitting down to work the following morning will feel less dreadful when you have a plan already in place.

Shut down distractions.

We live in a very connected world, one in which it can be difficult to not constantly feel like we’re being pulled in five different directions. Make it a habit to put your phone on silent, only check emails once an hour at a designated time, and block social media sites during scheduled work hours (Cold Turkey is a great tool for this).

Though less obvious, but perhaps even more important, don’t get distracted by other people’s journeys. It is important to realize that your journey is unique. You cannot compare another’s success to yours.

Stay in the know.

Begin your mornings browsing through your industry news. Grab your cup of coffee and bookmark a few well-known websites that are relevant within your industry. It never hurts to stay on top of what is happening, and you never know when that knowledge can come in handy.


This makes for a nice midday break. Spend 15 minutes before or after lunch networking on LinkedIn or writing an email to an old colleague. Connections are so important; you always want to be maintaining old ones and building new ones. This goes for face-to-face networking as well. Attend a seminar, join a group, or grab coffee with a co-worker. Aim for once a week face-to-face networking, and you’ll never be happier you did.

Make health a priority.

Your health and well-being affect every area of your life. Make time for workouts, pack a healthy lunch, drink plenty of water throughout the day, and get enough sleep. A workaholic is far less productive than a smart worker. YOU are a priority, so be sure to prioritize YOU.

Success is a big deal, no matter what kind of success you are seeking. It’s important to remember that, without all the little days in between, you wouldn’t be able to achieve the big picture, so make the most of them.

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