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Sean Rigsby from our team was recently interviewed by Hunt Scanlon Media on the fall of jobless claims during the political and pandemic season. Check out the full article here! Jobless Claims Fall as Election and Pandemic Second Wave Add to the Misery   If you’d like to set up a call with us, please […]

How to Celebrate Earth Day 2016

This Friday, April 22nd, marks the 46th observance of Earth Day. While it is vitally important to be mindful of our environment year-round, we love how Earth Day gives us extra reason to redirect our usually busy focus to Mother Earth and how we can better treat her. While many communities and organizations may be […]

Spring Cleaning Your Workspace

If you’re like us, this time of year is one of our favorites. The warmer days, the blooming flowers, the longer hours of daylight – for these reasons and many more, the season of spring offers a healthy overdose of rejuvenation and endless potential. Everything is coming alive again, making it the perfect time to […]

Free Resume Screenings!

Have you heard? For the first quarter of 2016, we here at Rigsby Search Group are offering FREE resume screenings to professionals like you! So if you’re on the job hunt and questioning whether your resume is the best it can be, we’d love to help. How does it work? Simple! Follow the steps below: […]

Interview Tips: Prep, Mindset & Communication

Congratulations! You did it! They liked your resume so much that you landed an interview. We call this passing the first test, so give yourself a pat on the back and take a deep breath. The next step, the actual interview, can seem daunting at first, but with the proper preparation and mindset, you can […]

Nailing Your Resume

There’s a lot of pressure riding on a resume. Usually, it is a hiring manager’s first (and sometimes only) impression of you. It has to stand out. It has to scream talent. It has to catch their eye. As recruiters with a combined 50+ years of experience, we’ve seen thousands of resumes pass across our […]