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Navigating the Job Market During and After the Coronavirus

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has swept across the United States and the world, leaving immeasurable damage in it’s wake. The job market especially has been hit hard, with rampant layoffs and sweeping changes across all industries. We understand that this can be overwhelming and confusing, so we’re working to clear the air. Below are some of the changes you can expect to see in the job market after the Coronavirus.


Slower Hiring

When the Coronavirus first hit the United States many companies put a pause all of their hiring. As time has passed companies have begun to hire again. While you may experience some companies hiring quickly, be aware that many other companies have slowed things down. Companies are still learning to navigate the new protective guidelines and as a result processes have slowed down. The average hiring period is now around 100 days, but the candidates we work with typically spend around 60-80 days in the hiring process. In short, while you can expect more companies to be open to hiring, be aware that the process could be longer than usual.


Longer Interview Periods

Part of the reason hiring is slower is because companies are spending more time interviewing candidates. One reason for this is a large shift towards virtual interviews. Companies are now using services such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype to conduct their interviews. While in the later stages of the interview process you can expect the usual in-person interviews, it’s best to prepare yourself to interview remotely.


Changes to In-Person Interviews

When you do get to the in-person interview stage, you can expect to see some changes to the usual processes. Social distancing protocols will be required. Items such as masks will also likely be mandatory for in-person interviews to help keep everyone safe.


Extended Start Dates

As companies are still learning how to work around the Coronavirus, some companies are asking if new hires if they’re open to delayed start dates.


These are just some of the changes you can expect to see in the job market post-coronavirus. This is a turbulent time and things are constantly changing. It’s important to be patient and able to adapt to these changes. Here at RSG, we’re happy to help you through these challenging times.


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