The 3 Most Common Resume Mistakes We See

Over our time in business, we have seen a lot of resumes. We’ve also seen a lot of mistakes. Here we hope to bring awareness to some of the most common issues we’ve seen with the resume’s that we’ve been sent.

Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

When trying to present yourself as a professional, spelling is key. Proper spelling not only conveys professionalism and intelligence, but also shows that you care about details. It’s a small effort that goes a long way towards making you look better, so take a few minutes to make sure everything is in order. This also applies to making sure you are using the correct form of a word (ex. To vs. Too). Poor grammar can be just as damaging as poor spelling.


Extra spaces

Riding on the coattails of poor grammar, we see plenty of people include extra spaces between words and sentences. We’re not exactly sure where this practice started, but it’s improper by modern standards. In addition to being poor grammar, it eats up valuable real estate on your resume. Please be sure you only include one space between words and sentences.


Too long

Many people send us very long resumes, sometimes hitting more than 10 pages. This is not only unnecessary but makes you appear to be trying to make yourself seem more qualified than you are. Your resume is supposed to serve as a summary of your experience, not an in-depth analysis. Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, has a one page resume. If he can be brief, so can you. Ideally you should try to keep your resume between 1-2 pages, but no more than 3.


So these are the 3 most common mistakes and issues that we notice. Have you made any of these? If you would like to see more articles like this be sure you follow us on social media.




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